Tamiya Paint X-ref Chart


Colour No Colour Name FS Number Humbrol Enamel Poly Scale Acrylic Lifecolor Gunze Aqueous Color Xtracrylix Xtracolor Enamel
X1 Black   21   LC52 H2  
X2 White 17875 22   LC51 H1   X142
X3 Royal Blue (Blue Angels Blue) 15050 15   LC35 H55 & H326   X123
X4 Blue 15056     LC60 H15  
X5 Green 14062 3 505426 LC63 H6  
X6 Orange   18   LC55 H14  
X7 Red   19   LC56 H23  
X8 Lemon Yellow   69   LC53 H4  
X9 Brown   10   LC67 H7  
X10 Gunmetal   53   LC76 H28 & H76  
X11 Chrome Silver   11   LC74 H8  
X12 Gold Leaf   16   LC75 H9  
X13 Metallic Blue   52   UA136 H63  
X14 Sky Blue 15200 48   LC58 H25  
X15 Light Green   38     H50  
X16 Purple 17100 68        
X17 Pink 11630 200   LC72 H19  
X18 Semi-gloss Black   21        
X19 Smoke            
X20 Enamel Thinner            
X20A Acrylic Thinner            
X21 Flat Base            
X22 Clear   35        
X23 Clear Blue            
X24 Clear Yellow         H91 (Clear Yellow)  
X25 Clear Green   1325     H94 (Clear Green)  
X26 Clear Orange   1322     H92 (Orange Orange)  
X27 Clear Red   1321     H90 (Clear Red)  
X28 Park Green   80        
X31 Titanium Gold            
X32 Titanium Silver            
X33 Bronze            
X34 Metallic Brown            
XF1 Flat Black 37038 35 505214 LC02 H12  
XF2 Flat White 37875 34 505011 LC01 H11  
XF3 Flat Yellow 33655 99   LC03 H329  
XF4 Yellow Green 34259 97   UA134 H58  
XF5 Flat Green 34230 105   LC11    
XF6 Copper   12   LC78 XF6  
XF7 Flat Red (Insignia Red ANA619) 31136 153 414212 LC06 H13 & H327   X103
XF8 Flat Blue 35183 25   LC10 H35   X146
XF9 Hull Red 30075     UA088 H33  
XF10 Flat Brown 30045 98   LC17 H17  
XF11 IJN Green 34077     UA111 H36 & H59   X353
XF12 IJN Grey 36496     UA141 H61   X354
XF13 IJA Green 34052 75   UA008 H60 & H65   X351
XF14 IJA Grey 34417     UA021 H72 (IJA Grey) & H74 (Sky)   X352
XF15 Flat Flesh 32648 61   LC21 H44   X406
XF16 Flat Aluminium 37178 56 505011 LC24    
XF17 Sea Blue 34058     UA044    
XF18 Medium Blue 35177 96   UA045 H56  
XF19 Sky Grey (ADC Grey) 36473 167 505061 UA079 H308 (Light Grey) XA1138 X138
XF20 Medium Grey 36440     UA034 H315 (Light Grey) [close to H332 RAF Light A/C Grey]  
XF21 Sky 34554     UA095 H74  
XF22 RLM Grey 36165 111   UA071 H70   X203
XF23 Light Blue 35414     UA061 H67   X127
XF24 Dark Grey (Gunship Grey) 36118 123 505382 UA073 H69 & H305 XA1130 X130
XF25 Light Sea Blue 36314 31        
XF26 Deep Green 34128 30        
XF27 Black Geen (Field Green) 34079 91 505388   H309 (Green RLM 73) XA1110 X110
XF49 Khaki   72     H81 (Khaki) [close to H336 RAF Hemp]  
XF50 Field Blue   112   UA109    
XF51 Khaki Drab         H80 (Khaki Green)  
XF52 Flat Earth (Vietnam Tan) 30219 29 505392   H72 (Dark Earth) & H310 (Brown) XA1102 X102
XF53 Neutral Grey (AMC Battle Grey) 36173 128   UA094 H82 (Dark Grey 1) XA1158 X158
XF54 Dark Sea Grey (Dark Gull Grey ANA 621) 36231 140 505378 UA046 H68 (RLM 74) & H75 (Dark Sea Grey) XA1131 X131
XF55 Deck Tan 36521     UA099    
XF56 Metallic Grey   56   LC26    
XF57 Buff 33531       H313 (Brown)   X105 (Sand)
XF58 Olive Green (Field Green) 34097 30   UA002 H303   X115 (Field Green)
XF59 Desert Yellow 30257 93   UA084    
XF60 Dark Yellow 30266 83   UA097 H71 (Middle Stone)  
XF61 Dark Green 34096 161   UA083 H64 (RLM 71) & H73 (Dark Green)  
XF62 Olive Drab 34086 66   UA003 H304 & H78 (Oilve Drab 2)  
XF63 German Grey 36076 67   UA022 H305   X128 (Engine Grey)
XF64 Red Brown 30108 160   UA086    
XF65 Field Grey (SAC Bomber Green) 34159 116   UA059     X118 (SAC Blue/Green)
XF66 Light Grey 36329     UA093    
XF67 NATO Green            
XF68 NATO Brown            
XF69 NATO Black            
XF70 IJN Dark Green 2            
XF71 IJN Cockpit Green            
XF72 JGSDF Brown            
XF73 JGSDF Dark Green            
XF74 JGSDF Olive Drab            


The above chart has been compiled from data from various sources and we have attempted to make it as accurate as possible. We cannot be held liable for any errors, or any problems that may result from such errors